Hints & Tips for Selling Your Home

First impressions are vital to somebody who is looking to buy a new home, it’s vital to ensure that the property is looking fresh and clean as opposed to dull and uninviting. Simple tasks such as giving the front door a fresh lick of paint or de-cluttering the hallway can make all the difference to a potential buyer. We’ve got some top tips for presenting your property, which we believe are the most important to ensure that your property sells quickly and for the best possible price.


Remove any unwanted items out of view by storing things in cupboards or having a clear out; thus allowing the property to feel spacious and inviting.

Give The Property A Deep Clean

This can make a real difference to a property, if your home is looking tired and dull, then an intense clean can make it appear far more modern and inviting. Many potential buyers find it difficult to see through the dirt and grime of a property, so getting the carpets cleaned and cleaning all floors and surfaces will be more than worthwhile.

Eliminate Unpleasant Odours

It is a well-known fact that bad smells and odours are the biggest turn off to a potential buyer. Certain smells such as cigarette smoke, pet odours or mould can linger on fabrics and whilst you may have grown accustomed to them over time, your viewers might be put off. Invest in some plug- in air fresheners and ensure that you open windows to air the property well before viewings.

Finish Off Jobs

A leaking shower or a broken kitchen cupboard might seem like a simple DIY task, however it will undoubtedly put some people off.

Maximse Any Outdoor Space

It is not just the inside of a property that is important but the appearance of the garden or outside space can be just as vital to securing a sale. Therefore, it is essential that the garden or balcony is presentable. Ensure that the lawn is mowed, tidy up any flowerbeds and just simply wipe down the outside furniture.